Bunji Jump - Vic Falls Bridge | Livingstone Activities

Bunji jump - Challenge the limits of the mind and test the edge of fear by leaping off the Victoria Falls bridge, with the falls behind and the mighty Zambezi below.

Solo Jump - US$ 157
Bridge Slide - US$ 47
Bridge Tour - US $ 70

Dvd cost is US$50 and is payable direct.


a) Bungy Jumping - 111 metres
b) Big air Experience ( Combo), which includes one bunji junp, a bridge swing and bridge slide for only US$ 155


Video (including 6 min. leader - PAL format)
Add on (two jumps on one tape): US$ 70
Copy tape (if original is bought): US$ 25
Digital Photographs (on 3 ½ “ disk): US$ 20
A selection of t-shirts, shorts and caps are also on offer.


Bunji Jump | Livingstone - Victoria Falls

Livingstone - The Town

Location: Victoria Falls Border Bridge
Availability: 365 days per year
Transfers: n/a

Times: 0900 to 1700


* During the rainy season (November to February) jumping may be interrupted by rain.
victoria falls bunji



14 years. Persons under the age of 18 must have the written consent (a signature on the indemnity form is sufficient) of a parent or guardian who is in attendance at the site.


Clients will be asked to declare any relevant medical problems. There is no maximum age limit, however each client is screened individually and discretion is used by the senior crew in each case.

bunji jump vic falls bridge


The minimum client weight is 40 kilograms (88 pounds)


The maximum client weight is 140 kilograms (308 pounds)


People declaring medical conditions, which may be affected by the jump, will not be permitted to jump.

These medical conditions include:

- Pregnancy
- High Blood Pressure
- Heart Conditions
- Neurological Disorders
- Epilepsy
- Acute or chronic knee/back injuries

But are not limited to these conditions.

Any persons with handicaps/medical conditions wishing to jump need to provide the following:

- Medical certificate, approving their intention to jump signed within the previous thirty (30) days.
- A copy of this certificate must be handed in on the Bridge when registering for the jump.
- A medical kit is kept on the bridge. First aid trained staff are on hand on the bridge during operation.

The Victoria Falls Bridge lies in "no mans land" between the Zimbabwean and Zambian Border Posts. Jumpers, spectators, etc. must indicate to the immigration officials that they are only proceeding onto the bridge and then returning through the same border post. Immigration officials will then issue two Gate Passes, one of which must be retained for re-entry through that border post.

Sufficient time must be allowed for to get from Vic Falls/Livingstone town to the border, through Customs & Immigration, then down to the bridge and up to the registration area to check in. As such, clients should leave town ONE HOUR before their appointed jump time.

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The Victoria Falls

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