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The Zambezi River is to Riverboarding what Hawaii is to surfing and the WWR combo is unbeatable.The Combo consists of two of the most exciting activities on the river, river boarding and white water rafting.


Rapids - facts and names

Whitewater Rafting info

Min. 2 Clients

US$ 160 : Half Day - AM Low water (July - Jan) Rapids 1 - 10
US$ 165 : Half Day - PM Low water (July - Jan) Rapids 11 - 25

US$ 175 : Full Day - Low water (July - Jan) Rapids 1 - 25
US$ 165 : Half Day - AM High water (Feb - June) Rapids 11-25


Half Day (AM Low Water): Breakfast, lunch and soft drinks.

Half Day (PM Low Water): Lunch, beers, soft drinks and water.

Full Day (Low Water): Breakfast, lunch, dinner and beers.

Half Day (AM High Water): Lunch, beers, soft drinks and water.

We use shorter sections of the river, as we tend to stop at “play spots” along the way to surf, ride whirlies and “squirt” (best described as “flying underwater”).

First of all, clients must have basic swimming and a reasonable state of fitness as a minimum prerequisite.

Basic skills are taught in still water and then we progress into moving water. At any time the client may opt out of the trip and ride in the support raft. Also, the trip leader may remove any client from the water and into the raft at any time if, in the trip leader’s opinion, the client does not possess the necessary skills, fitness or mental state to safely continue the trip.

The length of the trip (e.g. half day and full day) and the number of rapids run depends on the level of the water in the gorge.

riverboarding Livingstone Minimum of 2 clients. NO maximum number of clients.

The minimum age is 15 years. Children under 15 years may participate subject to consultation between parents and trip leader. The maximum age limit is dependent on the individual’s general state of health, physical fitness and consultation with trip leader.

No previous body boarding experience is necessary if good swimming skills are combined with a “GO FOR IT” attitude. A reasonable level of fitness is also required.

Expert guides, wet suites, booties, helmets, life jackets, fins, body board with wrist leash.

On the river our safety raft carries water and juice. At the top of the gorge, at the end of the trip – complimentary soft drinks and beers are enjoyed. There is also a braai on the Zambian side at the Waterfront for clients in Zambia only.

Guides are fully trained professionals and hold a valid first aid certificate.

Clients must be aware that any water activity contains an element of risk. A comprehensive first aid kid is carried on each trip. Each client is required to sign the Zambezi Riverboard Indemnity form prior to departure. Our support raft also carries a radio for communication with our bases in Victoria Falls and Livingstone and direct with M.A.R.S. (Medical Air Rescue Services).

Passports are required to cross the Zambian border. The costs of visas are included in the river boarding rate.

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