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Victoria Falls Bridge Bungee is a arguably the bestJump in the world, with a 111 metre plummet towards the Zambezi River and the Victoria Falls as a backdrop.


Bunji Jump - Rates .

Solo Jump - Bungi 111m - US$ 135
Big Air Experies: US$ 170

Big Air Exp has (Bunjee, Swing, Slide)

Dvd cost is $50 and payable direct

Vic Falls Bungee Jump

Bungi Jump Photos

Victoria Falls | Victoria Falls Area | Victoria Falls In June

The Victoria Falls Bungee jump has a 100% safety record - and is available 365 days per year

You can combine it with a swing and slide below the bridge for a Big Air Experience.

Times: 0900 to 1700 during low water season from July - Feb

From March to June, when the Victoria Falls are in full flood, bungi operating times will commence at 10 A.M.

victoria falls bungee

The bridge lies in "no mans land" between the Zimbabwean and Zambian Border Posts.

Jumpers, spectators, etc. must indicate to the immigration officials that they are only proceeding onto the bridge and then returning through the same border post.

Immigration officials will then issue two Gate Passes, one of which must be retained for re-entry through that border post.


The BV (bridge visit) gate pass does NOT entitle the client to visit Zambia or vice versa.

He or she MUST HAVE THEIR PASSPORT STAMPED for exit by the relevant immigration authorities before proceeding to the next country!

Sufficient time must be allowed for to get from Victoria Falls town to the border, through Customs & Immigration, then down to the
bridge and up to the registration area to check in.As such, clients
should leave town ONE HOUR before their appointed jump time.

The registration area is set up adjacent to the bridge on the Zambian bank of the Zambezi River. All clients are to proceed to the registration area prior to jumping.

No special clothing, equipment or experience is necessary. Jumpers are advised to remove any jewelry and accessories.

Clients who have pre-booked and/or prepaid need to present their voucher at registration.

The clients are screened, weighed, and registered for the jump. Registering includes signing an indemnity form, payment (or voucher presentation) and the recording of the payment transaction.

The jump number and weight is clearly written on the back of the jumper’s hand.

victoria falls bungi jump

The ankle harness has two components:

- Padding to provide protection to the ankles.

- Mountaineering webbing (3,000 kg working load).

The webbing is secured over the padding and around both legs just above the ankles, binding both legs firmly together.

The knot used is a self-loading knot that is impossible to either slip or come undone during the jump.

There have been over 500,000 jumps world wide using this particular ankle tie method without an incident of it slipping or coming undone.

The client is harnessed up for the jump and is safely attached at all times.

Jumpers are placed in a waist harness with a separate attachment to the bungi cord as a secondary back up and for recovery back to the bridge.

-All connections to the bungi cord are made before the platform safety line is removed.

-The Jumpers’ weight is transmitted through the ankle harness to the bungi cord, which stretches out to   approximately three times the original length.
-This elongation provides a gradual deceleration of the jumper’s free-fall without placing any sudden stressful   forces on the jumper.

-Clients can decide at any stage not to jump.
-At no stage is anybody forced to jump or pushed. However, after the registration process has been completed,  jumps paid for are considered non refundable and non transferable.

bungi jump

After the client has jumped, a recovery operator is lowered down to the jumper, who then attaches a recovery line to the body harness of the jumper.

Both the jumper and operator are then winched back on to the catwalk below the bridge.


Digital photographs are taken of each jump and are available for viewing and purchase on site.

Videos of each jump are recorded. These are available for purchase and may be viewed +/-10 minutes after the jump at the registration area.

Each tape starts with a five-minute promo followed by the client’s preparation and jump filmed from both the platform area and Zambian bank adjacent to the bridge.

Merchandising products are available for sale at
the registration area.

These currently include 4 different shirt designs, sweatshirts,
shorts, caps, posters and postcards.


* During the rainy season (November to February) jumping may be interrupted by rain. From March to June when    the Victoria Falls are in full flood, operating times will commence at 1000hrs due to excess morning spray from    the falls over the bridge.
* Prices include Zimbabwean Government tourism levy.
* Prices exclude Zimbabwean Sales Tax where applicable.
* Prices include Zambian VAT if paid direct on the bridge.
* US Dollar rate applicable to all nationalities.
* AEB reserve the right to amend prices without notice.


Should a client decide not to jump PRIOR to the registration process, a refund is offered, however once a client has been registered and has signed the indemnity form, a 100% cancellation fee will be levied.

We will only issue refunds to clients that present a written ‘authorization slip’ issued by the registration staff at the bridge.

Vic Falls

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