Zambezi White Water Kayaking | Victoria Falls Activities

Kayak the world's wildest rapids! The Zambezi river below Victoria Falls.

Rates - Kayak - Victoria Falls

• Half & Full Day - Tandem Kayaking and   white water rafting price on request.

US$ 10 National Parks River Usage Fee is   NOT included and is payable in cash.

E and O.E

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So easy to arrange - book and pay in advance, arrive, present your voucher and just enjoy.

Free complimentary transfers and pick ups, at least a half an hour beforehand.

Victoria falls kayaking & rafting

Accompanied by an experienced kayak guide in the best 2 man white water kayak in the world, you can add another dimension to your Zambezi experience.

An experienced white water kayaker who steers the boat through the rapids acts as a River Guide.

Kayak And Rafting

The kayaking trip is run in conjunction with the daily white water rafting trip for added safety.

Should the kayak capsize in a rapid, the guide attempts an Eskimo roll, failing which the client and guide end up swimming the rest of the rapid!

kayaking zambeziAll trips are totally dependent on water levels

High water season – approximately February to July
Low water season
- approximately August to January (Peak Season)

In the event that exceptionally high water levels are experience, high water season trips may be suspended due to safety considerations.

At Victoria Falls the Zambezi River plummets into a Basalt gorge which separates the placid river above the Falls and the turbulent rapids below. The gorge is over 100 meters deep, in places, and increases to over 200 meters, by the end of a full day kayak - white water rafting trip.

Despite this rugged terrain, the gorges below Victoria Falls are thick with vegetation with dozens of indigenous species of trees and bushes. The gorges are home to several species of mammal such as baboons and klipspringer. For birding enthusiasts many species frequent the gorges, of particular interest are the Black Eagle and the rare Taita Falcon.


zambezi river kayaking

Exhilarting experiences - adventure bar none - where Nyaminyami whips his river home into a cauldron of excitement. We're talking deeper, faster, more powerful water - monster waves which will stretch your strength and ability to master the Zambezi.

Kayaking the Zambezi is suitable for intermediate and advanced paddlers in all types of craft.

THE most awesome times for the perfect standing wave that just won't end, is created in January high waters and for 2 weeks in June when the water levels drop.

Infamous Rapid # 11 tubing wave! - the Overland Truck Eater - famous for its power to suck under up to rafts of 12 people.

A roller coaster ride of wave trains, twisting and turning as you thunder along the Zambezi offers enormous rapids, over-sized holes, monster wave trains, glassy face surf spots, powerful eddy lines and huge sucking boils.

Vic Falls

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