Zambezi River Boarding & Rafting Combo | Victoria Falls Activities

River Boarding and Rafting Adventure Combo on the Zambezi River at Victoria Falls.

Like rafting but without the raft, river-boarding is a three-dimensional white water experience.

Exhilirating fun on a riverboarding adventure on the mighty Zambezi River.


Rates - River Boarding - Zambezi River

Age: Minimum 15 yrs

Half Day Combo - Rapids 1-10 US$ 155
Full Day Combo - Rapids 1-18 US$ 155
High Water Combo - Rapids 11-25 US$ 155

Includes: Transfers, Lunch, Beer & Snacks.
Excludes US$ 10 River usage fee.

E and O.E

Victoria Falls | Victoria Falls - June Flow

| Victoria Falls - The Town

Interested in doing multiple acticities in one day? Why not consider our special combos?

It's the cheapest way to combine 3 Victoria Falls activities.


River Boarding

Originally started as a means of rescue, riverboarding is the latest innovation in adrenalin sports.

A boardsport in which the participant lies prone on their board with fins on their feet for propulsion and steering.

Swim the rapids and surf the waves, armed with nothing more than an oversized bodyboard, wetsuit, helmet and flippers.

The most fun you can have is on your stomach!

The trips combine rafting and riverboarding, so that you can safely navigate the flat water sections and the few rapids that are considered unsafe for river boarders.

River boarding and rafting

River Trip Includes:

• Courtesy transfers from major hotels / lodges in Vic Falls.
• Morning tea / coffee.
• Transfers to and from the gorges.
• Minerals and beers after take out.
• Certificate to prove you braved the Zambezi.
• Videos & photos shown in The Bar at 19:00

What to bring:

    • Wear light, easy drying clothing and shoes suitable for rafting.

    • Bring sunscreen and sunglasses.

    • Do not bring valuables and attach all glasses securely to you.

    • We do not advise bringing cameras, but you may, at your own risk .

Riverboarding trips will run either as a combination of morning Rafting (number 1 to 11) and afternoon Riverboarding (number 11 onwards) or as a full day.

Dependant on Zambezi River water levels

This sport is also known as hydrospeed in Europe and as riverboarding or white-water sledging in New Zealand, depending on the type of board used.

Instruction, board design, and gear continue to improve, making riverboarding safer and opening up the possibilities of rapids that can be run on a riverboard and new tricks that can be performed while surfing.

Vic Falls

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