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Okavango Houseboats operate on the Okavango delta panhandle (main river) near Seronga where fishing is excellent, and includes the famous tiger fish


Okavango Houseboats
The panhandle is accessible by road, making it the ideal stopover for 4x4 enthusiasts.
Explore the panhandle area of the Okavango Delta on a houseboat for a few days.
The panhandle has permanent water all year round
You don't have to be an angler to enjoy the Okavango, or even a wildlife enthusiast. There is something about calm blue water that is conducive to serenity in the human soul

Kubu Queen



  A house boat holiday on the Okavango - Birders & Photogrphers dream

The boat trip is amazing in itself - you can sit up high on the roof and so see over the long grass to where the giraffe, elephant and antelope are, but the best thing is the variety of bird life and excellent fishing

Overnighting on a small island in the middle of the waterways is an incredibly wild and unique experience

You are surrounded by grunting hippos, baboons in the trees, hear elephants drinking and trumpeting at night from the safety of your houseboat

Although the dry season is usually the recommended time of year to visit the delta for game viewing, the region is still an attraction for bird lovers who do not mind the long grass and abundance of water in summer

  Fishing in the Okavango

There is marvellous tiger-fishing, and bream that make superb eating, not to mention pike, catfish and other species.

Each year, just before the floods when the water is low, thousands of catfish migrate up the main channel of the Delta (where they will later spawn) and embark on a mass, concerted feeding frenzy.

"The 'Catfish Run' is a strange phenomenon. They hunt on the surface along the banks of papyrus, where they thrash their bodies against the plants and frighten the hiding fish out into the main river. The frenzied activity of this 'pack hunting' can be seen from far away as the water seems to boil. The activity attracts huge flocks of fish-eating birds such as fish eagles, cormorants, darters, herons, kingfishers and egrets".


  Mokoro canoe safaris

Traditionally Mokoros, similar in shape to a canoe but longer, were made from leadwood tree trunks but nowadays incentive schemes to preserve the country's environment, the boats are manufactured from fibreglass. Each poler is highly experienced on the water and knows the 'highways and byways' of the channels as you know the streets of your hometown


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