Okavango Delta Safari Holidays


Okavango Safari Holiday
The Okavango Delta consists of 2 distinct regions, the upper linear Pan-handle section and the lower delta-shaped alluvial fan
The seasonal variations in the water level decreases down the Panhandle and in the permanent swamps of the delta, the seasonal fluctuations in the water level are surprisingly small
Maximum flooding of the seasonal swamps occurs in July and August, some 4 - 5 months after peak discharge in the pan handle, 250 kms upstream

Moremi Game Reserve
Okavango Delta
Pan Handle of Okavango
Mobile Camping Safaris
Okavango Houseboats
Linyati - Savute - Reserve

Area - Okavango
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Safari Camps and Accommodation

chobe elephants

The safari camps in the Okavango cater to small numbers of guests - each one operating in its own private concession area, affording complete privacy and exclusivity on a Botswana safari.

The higher than normal prices deter larger budget tour groups and maintain a low density of safari travelers throughout the Okavango.


By Road to Okavango

Traveling direct from Maun (Okavango) to Kasane (Chobe) via Moremi game park is 4x4 dirt road only and takes at least 8 hours during the dry season and normally requires a stop over in The Savuti region. From Maun to Mababe gate (Chobe park-west entrance) is 141 km's

or alternatively sedan cars can travel on a tarred road from Maun via Nata to Kasane [616 km's]

Climate -Okavango

The Okavango in winter (May to August) is warm during the day and cool in the evenings.

In summer, however, it is hot and humid during the day while the night temperature rarely drops below 18 degrees C.

The "wet" season normally begins late December and lasts through early March. with hot sunny days with afternoon thundershowers.

Maun Game Reserve

Go to the Maun Game Reserve and see the 'Big 5'. Great for kids of all ages. Go visit the Maun Game Reserve and see all the live wildlife inside.

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